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Breeder and exhibitor of champion terriers

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The Irish Terrier sports a beautiful red coat, an alert expression and trim outline with piercing eyes that reflect a rare intelligence. He is a gallant picture of authentic terrier type and character. The breed is good tempered, spirited and game. The breed’s coat is short and wiry in texture. He is a smart, quick dog that quickly adapts to new situations. He’ll guard his home and family members with determination and pluck. This breed is great with children when raised with them and is deeply loyal to his owner. Pups require firm boundaries so they will grow into respectful adults.



The Lakeland is a (realistically) 13.5 - 15" dog. They usually weigh about 16-18 lbs. The male being larger. They come in more colors than the Welsh or Wire Fox. They are "people" lovers. They want to be with their family. They do well with other animals if raise with them (as most terriers). This breed has the least health problems at this time. A Lakeland likes to be in charge and in control. A Lakeland will not be ignored and is very opinionated. They have a sense of humor, but do not tolerate nonsense. Lakelands are problem solvers, love strategy games and a challenge. Lakelands tend to test limits and are bred to kill things bigger than they are.


The Welsh is a more independent dog. It is always a black/tan in coloring. It ranges in size from 14 to about 16" at the shoulder. Weight can be 18-25 lbs. This is a heavier boned dog and a bit more rugged. Remember that this breed could kill a badger. I call them the "latch key dog". They can amuse themselves, and although they love their owners, don't have to be constantly with them. Health problems seen have been Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Allergies, and Thyroid problems. I find that they can be a bit more stubborn at times.


The Wire Fox is an energetic dog. It's height scale is from 14.5-16" at the shoulder. Most weigh around 18-19 lbs. I have seen them heavier however. Although they are the same height as a Welsh, they are finer boned and a more elegant dog. Colors are white, black and tan. The head markings with always be a tan with maybe some white on the beard. The standard calls for a predominantly white dog, so markings make little difference as long as they are 51% white. It is a very curious breed. I always say "turn them loose in a room and 5 minutes later they'll give you inventory". Health problems seen have been Allergies (usually food or flea), and epilepsy. These are "happy go lucky" dogs. Everything is a game as far as they're concerned.


All of these breeds require training and guidance. If left to their own devices they become unruly and hard to handle. They are not to be trusted off-leash, as thing scurrying along the ground are of great importance to them and the "hunt is on".


Show dogs are "hand stripped" where we actually pull the hair from the dog's body. When started at a young age, they become used to it and tolerate it with no problems. It's like brushing your hair where the dead hairs come out. The pet dogs are normally clippered as it's almost impossible to find a groomer that knows how to hand strip a terrier and they charge a "good" fee for doing it. The clippered coats "do" tend to loose color and texture. So, your blacks will turn to a gray, and your dark tans to a lighter tan. So "very soft coated" dogs may loose most of their color to where you can just barely tell the color pattern.

 AKC Terrier Group 


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