Welsh Terriers

The Welsh is a more independent dog. It is always a black/tan in coloring. It ranges in size from 14 to about 16″ at the shoulder. Weight can be 18-25 lbs. This is a heavier boned dog and a bit more rugged. Remember that this breed could kill a badger. I call them the “latch key dog”. They can amuse themselves, and although they love their owners, don’t have to be constantly with them. Health problems seen have been Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Allergies, and Thyroid problems. I find that they can be a bit more stubborn at times.

A Brief History of the Welsh Terrier

Historians believe that the Welsh Terrier is one of the oldest pure bred terriers, evidence indicates that he has changed very little from the all round working terrier developed several hundreds of years ago in the high mountains and hidden valleys of Wales. Late in the nineteenth century when improved methods of transportation opened that part of Britain to travelers, hunters and fanciers from all over the world who recognized and admired its possibilities. Some confusion resulted when the English Kennel Club admitted the breed for registration on a joint basis with the Old English Wire Haired Black and Tan Terrier, now thought to be a hodge podge of the breeds, which resembled the Welsh terrier. In any event, the Black and Tan no longer exists while the Welshman remains a testimonial to the sound requirements set up by his breeders